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Our Products and Solutions currently involve.

Product Data

BalloonCAD - Is a industry first patented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based solution which automatically balloons 2D pdf or JPEG drawings. This solution eliminates all manual effort currently being used by the industry to balloon 2D diagrams during the Quality Assurance process.

Accounts Data

Click2Tally - Is a unique patented end to end solution which uses Machine learning and AI techniques to transfer accounting data from snaps, pictures or scan copies of invoices, bills, statements to Tally. The solution is able to capture data from snaps irrespective of their layouts or formats.

Quality Data

QMS - A quality management system for the Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Industry built using the ARAS innovator framework.

Machine Data

ProdCore - An IIOT hardware and software solution especially made for the small and medium manufacturer which captures data from many different equipment types used in the manufacturing industry. This data can then be used for future analysis using our BigData platform or exported to any other industry platform for analysis.

Automobile Data

Vehicle Health Management System : With our partner Yatis we provide complete Telematics and software solutions around an Automobile.

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